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In the wake of the ad tech industry’s pivot towards a privacy-centric approach, AlgoriX has been relentlessly striving to equip partners with solutions that balance

If you haven’t signed up to drop by the AlgoriX Chat & Chill Cafe at ChinaJoy 2024, here’s another reason for you to do so!

Planning to attend ChinaJoy 2024? So are we! This year, AlgoriX invites you to our exclusive AlgoriX Chat & Chill Cafe at the Shanghai New

As the dust settles on the once-booming mobile gaming industry, 2024 heralds a shift towards a new digital frontier: the rise of non-gaming apps. This

Over the past few years, Connected TV (CTV) has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and adoption. This rise is due to a surge in

The meteoric rise of mobile gaming has not only transformed the entertainment landscape but also ushered in a new era for digital advertising. Mobile games

Last May 1, 2024, AlgoriX, a long-standing member of Prebid.org, joined top industry players at Everyman Broadway in London for Prebid Ascent London 2024. The

The delay in the deprecation of third-party cookies by Google has once again highlighted the urgency for alternative identifiers (IDs). With Google extending the cookie

The digital advertising landscape is continuously evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for in-app publishers aiming to maximize their revenue. One of the more significant

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company providing top-tier advertising technology solutions to publishers and advertisers, has promoted Frederic Liow as its new Chief

Think about it: The digital marketplace has billions of transactions every millisecond. Publishers serve as the backbone, offering valuable digital real estate where advertisers can

Last April 2 to 4, AlgoriX had the privilege of sponsoring and participating in the industry-leading conference, Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) 2024, held at the

In the digital landscape, visual content often takes center stage. However, audio ads have surged as a compelling component of programmatic advertising in an era

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company that operates a global AI-powered exchange providing monetization and advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers and HUMAN Security, Inc, the global cybersecurity leader

As a long-standing member of Prebid.org, AlgoriX has been utilizing its in-app advertising expertise to advance Prebid’s technology and advocate its use among mobile publishers.

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab released a comprehensive analysis of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative. The Privacy Sandbox initiative by Google has been


Honoring International Women’s Day, we’d like to acknowledge the pivotal role women have played in shaping AlgoriX’s journey as a global media and advertising technology


Get your dices rolling! AlgoriX is thrilled to kick off 2024 as one of the sponsors of Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) 2024. This industry-leading conference will

The digital landscape is at the precipice of a significant shift as third-party cookies restricted by default for 1% of Chrome users , signaling a

Protecting data privacy is vital in today’s digital era, primarily to uphold individual rights and maintain personal autonomy, allowing individuals to control their personal information.

Navigating the Future of Advertising Technology

In the ever-evolving world of advertising technology, 2024 can be a pivotal year marked by rapid change and significant challenges. The rising demand for socially

AlgoriX Wrap-up

In 2023, “transformation” emerged as the defining theme for the ad tech industry. The challenges of a post-Covid landscape compelled adaptation, while the rise of

Ethical AI in Advertising

The holiday season is when advertising seems to be at its most vibrant and persuasive. But have you ever considered the role of artificial intelligence

Black Friday Insights Report for Monetization Opportunities and Advertising Trends

As we look back on Thanksgiving week, a period also marked by the shopping phenomena of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s clear that it’s

The ad tech industry finds itself in a unique position of scrutiny as the world grapples with an urgent need for environmental sustainability. The global

On November 9, 2023, ExchangeWire, a premier business publication on media, marketing, and commerce, hosted its seventh annual The Wires Awards 2023 at One Marylebone

As the digital landscape evolves and user privacy regulations become stricter, balancing effective ad targeting with user privacy becomes increasingly complex. This is particularly true

The ad tech industry has been undergoing rapid changes, especially in data privacy. With increasing consumer and regulatory scrutiny, the industry has grappled with balancing

AlgoriX and LiveRamp partner to accelerate addressability for the mobile advertising ecosystem

SINGAPORE – AlgoriX and LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform, announced a multifaceted partnership to accelerate the cookieless transition for the digital advertising ecosystem. AlgoriX will enable global

If you’re navigating the labyrinthine world of programmatic advertising, you’ve probably heard the term “header bidding” more than once. This technology has put the outdated

Ad Quality in Mobile Game Ad Monetization: Overcoming Hurdles for Enhanced User Experience

If you’re online most of the time, you’ll notice how big the mobile gaming industry has become. It has captivated millions of users worldwide. And

Join AlgoriX at DMEXCO 2023

Get Ready for a Power-Packed Experience with AlgoriX at DMEXCO 2023! Join us as we dive into the future of ad tech at DMEXCO 2023

AlgoriX at ChinaJoy 2023

ChinaJoy, the largest gaming convention in China, has made a triumphant return after a three-year break, attracting game enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

AlgoriX Works with Prebid.org to Accelerate Prebid Adoption in APAC and Launch AlgoriX SDK

SINGAPORE, JULY 13, 2023 – AlgoriX is working with Prebid.org to boost Prebid adoption in the Asia-Pacific region while also launching the AlgoriX SDK based

Get ready, game industry enthusiasts! Shanghai’s scorching hot summer awaits you at ChinaJoy 2023! After a three-year hiatus, the doors have reopened, inviting gamers from

A banner with the AlgoriX logo and the blog title The Importance of User Engagement in App Monetization

Mobile advertising is crucial in generating income for developers and publishers, determining the success or failure of apps and games within a highly competitive market.

A colorful banner featuring the EU stars, with the Algorix logo and text reading "Understanding the IAB TCF: A Guide for Publishers, Advertisers, and Ad Tech Companies" in white lettering.

As more users realize what’s at stake if their information leaks, there’s a greater push for data privacy and security. For this reason, government regulators

A colorful banner with the United States Map and a mobile phone in shades of blue and teal. The banner includes the title "AlgoriX Joins IAB's Multi-State Privacy Agreement to Stay Ahead of US Privacy Regulations" in bold white letters and the logo of Algorix, a digital marketing agency.

As a long-standing member of IAB Tech Lab, AlgoriX is delighted to announce we have signed the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA). This framework aims

A blue and green banner with the Algorix logo in the center and various icons representing iab tech lab mspa and user privacy.

The current landscape of user privacy is rapidly evolving due to the increasing number of privacy regulations worldwide. Organizations are facing challenges in protecting personal

A banner with the headline "CTV Advertising: What You Need to Know" features a graphic of a television screen with various streaming logos, surrounded by statistics and data points related to the rise of connected TV advertising.

Programmatic Connected TV (CTV) advertising is revolutionizing the way brands reach their target audiences. By using CTV, advertisers can access a massive range of viewers

An image featuring a computer screen displaying an update for an SDK, with icons representing privacy and revenue increase.

AlgoriX is excited to announce the release of our new SDK, which includes updates to tackle monetization challenges in 2023. As a mobile app developer, it’s

Reply to Michelle美夏:  write an alt text for this image: https://www.algorix.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/offerwalls-for-pubishers.png 👻️ 已开启新的话题 An illustration showing a computer screen displaying various offer walls, with different offers and rewards, for publishers to use on their websites or apps.

In today’s increasingly crowded and competitive digital advertising space, publishers constantly seek new ways to engage with users and monetize their content. There are tons

AlgoriX Wraps Up GDC 2023, Shares Game Monetization Expertise to Developers

From March 21 to 25, 2023, the AlgoriX team joined over 28,000 game industry professionals and enthusiasts at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 held in San

Thanks to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the world of advertising is no longer the same. Now, AI technology is an integral part of

here's why now is the best time to seek for an alternative user identity solution

With proliferating data regulations, there’s an urgent need for an alternative to user identification for advertising that relies on third-party cookies. This is part of

Announcement of AlgoriX joining IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework

Starting the year strong by expanding the company’s reach in the European market while advocating for user privacy and transparency in the adtech space. SINGAPORE,

Got plans this March? The AlgoriX team is flying to San Francisco to attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023, and we’d love to meet you! AlgoriX is

Pranav Kataria shares the elements needed for a successful programmatic strategy

From stricter regulations to tighter budgets, a fresh set of challenges surely await us this 2023. What better way to start it then than to

Why Contextual Targeting Matters this 2023

The world of digital advertising is changing fast. As a result, many marketers are seeking new ways to reach their audiences and attract more business.

As the year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back on the strides we’ve made to deliver better products and services

Excellence is part of the AlgoriX DNA. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for stellar talents who can elevate our products and services to

AlgoriX Wins ExchangeWire's The Wires Awards 2022 Best Client Services Team category

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company, received the award for Best Client Services Team at ExchangeWire’s The Wires Awards 2022 ceremony in London, where over

SKADNetwork (SKAN 4.0): Why it matters to publishers

In the latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple finally launched its SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4.0), which they earlier hinted at in June. This new rollout


The rise of connected TV (CTV) is evident. There’s no question about its ability to captivate a broader audience, specifically when people consume TV at

Best Client Services team shortlist banner

Providing top-notch service and ensuring our clients’ success have always been AlgoriX’s priority. That’s why we’re excited to be shortlisted for The Wires Awards 2022’s Best Client Services Team category. The Wires Awards

advertising video on demand: why it's the future of TV

In recent years, subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services have been the go-to model for most streaming platforms. TV consumption changed dramatically, with streaming services such as

3 examples of mobile advertising that work

The world of advertising is unpredictable. It’s fast-paced and ever-changing. It needs to be. To remain relevant, brands must make sure they know the latest mobile

Here's what you need to know about VAST Tags

Video advertising has been gaining popularity over the years. It’s understandable as many publishers and advertisers realize that it’s a potent revenue generator. And this

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Removal: What Does It Mean For You

Google delays, once again, its decision to remove third-party cookies for advertising. The anticipated replacement is planned for late 2023, but according to its latest update,

What Makes Hyper-Casual Game Mechanics Tick this 2022

It’s a fact that most game developers are looking at investing in hyper-casual game mechanics to increase revenue. In the past years, hyper-casual game mechanics

why it's the right time to invest in ctv advertising

Let’s face it: CTV advertising is big and will only get bigger as more and more publishers and advertisers leverage its reach. The IAB’s outlook report shows

In-app monetization strategies remain one of the trickiest for both advertisers and publishers. While apps can help brands increase their reach and visibility and bring

5 CTV Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Are you sure you’re not making these CTV advertising mistakes? It’s a fact that 2022 is a big year for connected TV (CTV). A factor

What is the Algorian Way? The Algorian Way is paved with excellence, hard work, and limitless innovation. In this series of candid interviews, we get up close

CTV Ad Formats That Deliver Results

It’s undeniable that Connected TV (CTV) advertising is getting a lot of interest. Many companies, big or small, are investing in their CTV advertising plans to make

what you need to know about first party and third party cookies

The demise of third-party cookies on Chrome has long been the subject of much discussion in the marketing and advertising industry since Google announced it January of

How Walled Gardens Can Changed the Advertising Landscape

The ad tech industry is ever-changing. More recently, it would be hard to find an industry analysis without the mere mention of walled gardens. For

2022 Mobile Ad Trends to Watch Out For

Most consumers nowadays rely on their smartphones and tablets to stay in the loop wherever they are. They use these devices to browse, shop, and

Mobile gaming trends to anticipate in 2022

What are the mobile gaming trends that will rule this 2022? Here’s our take. The explosion of mobile gaming spanned several years. As the pandemic

New Employee Spotlight: Jenny Lee, AlgoriX Senior Partnerships Manager

What is the Algorian Way? The Algorian Way is paved with excellence, hard work, and limitless innovation. In this series of candid interviews, we get

Has CTV Reached Its Limit? Here’s Our 2022 CTV Prediction

What’s our CTV prediction for 2022? If there’s one thing that exploded in 2020, it’s Connected TV (CTV). In the US, as much as 40%

Will an Open Ad Exchange Benefit CTV Buyers and Sellers?

The growth of connected TV (CTV) ad buying and selling has been unprecedented. The surge in CTV advertising dollars is moving at the speed of light. Data

What is content metadata and why it matters for CTV advertising

Investing in content metadata is one of the critical areas that can impact your CTV advertising strategy. Find out why it matters to you.

Brexit and GDPR: Changes Advertisers Should Brace For

While the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union (EU) on the 31st of January 2020, some changes in the rulings are yet to

Best Practices for Planning CTV Advertising

Connected TV is skyrocketing in popularity. From merely an opportunity to land viewership, it has grown to become a can’t-miss strategy for monetization. This is

Changing Landscape of Game Design and Monetization Amid Privacy Changes

Recent changes in the privacy policies of Google and Apple are already creating enormous waves in the game design and monetization market. Advertisers relied heavily

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company, becomes a community member of Prebid.org as part of the company’s push for greater industry collaboration and transparency.

SINGAPORE, AUGUST 2021 [ExchangeWire] — AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company, becomes a community member of Prebid.org as part of the company’s push

The Absence of Third-Party Cookies Paves the Way for Scaling CTV

For the past 25 years, digital advertising has been lauded for its ability to create targeted ads and track results to improve campaigns. Traditional broadcast

Google’s Ad Tracking Limit: How Does it Differ with Apple’s IDFA | AlgoriX

Privacy is a big issue, particularly among mobile users. Concerns about mobile ads ruining user experience have caused quite a stir among advertisers. At the

How to Successfully Enter the Hyper-Casual Market | AlgoriX

Hyper-casual games are a major hit for mobile game users, accounting for 6.3 billion downloads in 2020 alone. The future remains bright for hyper-casual game developers as

AlgoriX's new dashboard give publishers better control over their monetization

At AlgoriX, we understand that data is the driving force behind success. With increased transparency and better reporting, you can make the necessary tweaks to ensure

App monetization is never easy. Even established publishers have to deal with constantly developing preferences and an ever changing monetization landscape, including the introduction of the

in-app monetization mistakes

Are you guilty of doing these in-app monetization mistakes? Developers like you who’ve put the effort into building a game would usually find satisfaction in

monetize idle games

While many businesses took a beating when the pandemic hit, the mobile gaming industry was among the ones who made bank. With people forced to

Hyper-casual games are more than just a fad. It has proven to be a successful and profitable strategy for many mobile game developers. It has

Both Google Play and the App Store have over 3 million apps currently available for download. Each one of them can generate millions of dollars.

SINGAPORE – JANUARY 12, 2021 – Media and advertising technology company, AlgoriX, has officially launched its mobile gaming arm, AlgoriX Studios. With AlgoriX Studios, the

What Is Ad Revenue? Ad revenue refers to the money generated through advertising. It is calculated by getting the ad impressions and multiplying it by

Banner image with text "How important is user privacy for advertisers and publishers?"

It’s a given that managing an effective digital advertising campaign is tough. Each campaign must engage consumers across all channels – whether it be on

This is a year full of changes. It has certainly tested our capability to adapt to the times and discover silver linings. For us at

If you are following the news and happenings in the digital advertising industry, you would probably know that many big brands are now distancing themselves

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant shift across all industries. Now that most nations are slowly reopening, advertisers must carefully change their tactics to

Hyper-casual games have had a massive following since its popularity surged after Voodoo raked in millions of downloads when it offered such format. It is

When you want to develop a mobile app for a business, you want to make sure that they would be engaging enough to help amplify

The end of the coronavirus pandemic seems bleak at the moment. However, what is clear is its effects. Thousands of shops, schools, public spaces, and

Scaling business operations mean keeping up with current changes in the market. Both programmatic buyers and sellers need to follow standards and innovate to ensure

Looking at the current status of the in-game advertising industry makes us question – are we doing it right? The mobile gaming industry is rapidly

The threat of the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across many industries. For digital advertisers, however, the COVID-19 presented a valuable opportunity that they should

The current landscape of mobile video viewing continues to follow an upward pattern, with more people spending as much as 40 minutes consuming video content

You have probably encountered header bidding and wonder if this trend is worth your time and attention. In programmatic advertising, it is one of the

Much has changed in the over-the-top (OTT) landscape. Since its existence over a decade ago, it has successfully ushered a multitude of subscription and ad-supported

As the first quarter of the new decade has passed, it is worth noting that the current landscape of digital advertising continues to gear towards

If there is one industry that seems to attract the most significant growth, it is the digital advertising sector. In 2019 alone, the total market

How do you measure the success of your ad campaign? As advertising is not an exact science, there is no one way of determining whether

For display advertising, 2019 was a tumultuous year. From third-party cookies’ restrictions and advertising innovations, such as digital out of home (DOOH) and connected television

Part of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) discussion during the 2020 Annual Leadership Meeting is the call for sound regulation policies amid the General Data

In the past years, a surge in the use of the Internet caused a major shift in the business processes of organizations. No matter the

It is a given that advertising has a significant impact on consumers. Advertising giants even spend thousands of dollars on their campaigns in the hopes

Marrying advertising and data science made the measurability of results and performance of digital advertising feasible. Analytics tools are present to track every action made

You probably heard this many times before, “Mobile advertising is putting your message in front of the right consumers at the right time.” The amount

Welcome to the first quarter of 2020! This is one of the most important parts of the year for mobile-driven businesses. For publishers, this is

If content is king, then context is queen Bill Gates in 1996 wrote an essay titled “Content Is King” and almost 25 years later, it’s

With roughly 25.8% of internet users using ad blockers, there’s a need for more creative and less invasive forms of marketing. Personalized ads have become

According to Integral Ad Science, programmatic now outperforms direct ads in the United Kingdom. According to the report, for the first time during H2 2018,

People around the world are seeing one common phenomenon. The time spent on mobile devices is increasing and there are no signs of it slowing

According to Statista, there are 2.71 billion mobile users worldwide. People spend 89% of their time on their mobile phones. That’s why most brands, whether

It’s no secret that mobile advertising is an effective means to reach your target market, but have you ever considered its big impact on today’s

What is Programmatic? The word Programmatic has been around for years but it was only recently when the world of marketing embraced it. The boom

There might be three reasons you clicked on this link. First, you’re thinking about creating your own mobile game app, so you want to see

The birth of mobile devices has allowed connectivity to be more seamless than ever. This provides brands with endless possibilities to connect with their prospects

Ever since the rise of smartphones, mobile apps have given solutions to the world’s problems. App developers created breakthroughs over breakthroughs, but this generation of

Every year, marketers are welcomed with various lists of what will become the most effective marketing channel and strategies in the business world. The year

Without a doubt, the internet’s limitless possibilities have given a wide array of options to consumers. This means advertisers worldwide have been finding different ways

Learn more about our Solutions

All you need for monetization and advertising success.

Creating mobile apps that deliver real value and entertainment to life.

Acquire new customers and get consistently high ROIs.

Learn more about our Solutions

All you need for in-app monetization and advertising success.

Creating mobile apps that deliver real value and entertainment to life.

Acquire new customers and get consistently high ROIs.

Learn more about
Our Solutions

All you need for in-app monetization and advertising success.

Creating mobile apps that deliver real value and entertainment to life.

Acquire new customers and
get consistently high ROIs.

Talk to us and we’ll work with you to grow your business.


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Talk to us and we’ll work with you
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Talk to us and we’ll work with you to grow your business.


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Join Our Algorian Family


Company and Industry Updates

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