Understanding Prebid: The Game-Changer in Programmatic Advertising on AlgoriX

If you’re navigating the labyrinthine world of programmatic advertising, you’ve probably heard the term “header bidding” more than once. This technology has put the outdated waterfall method to bed and transformed how digital ads are traded.

A Brief History of Prebid.org and Prebid

Prebid was a collaborative effort launched in 2015 by the industry’s major players to make header bidding easier and more accessible. Fast forward to today, and it’s become the go-to solution for publishers around the globe, boasting support for over 300 demand partners, around 50 analytics providers, and thousands of websites.

Prebid.org is an organization that primarily focuses on improving the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

The organization aims to make the whole process transparent, efficient, and fair for all parties involved—publishers, advertisers, and consumers. By offering an open-source solution, Prebid.org provides a cost-effective and customizable way for publishers to optimize their ad revenues.

Prebid technology refers to a suite of open-source software tools designed to optimize the programmatic advertising process. It functions like an auctioneer, bringing together various advertisers to bid for advertising space on a publisher’s website in real-time.

The core of Prebid technology is a concept called “header bidding.” Traditionally, publishers would offer their ad space to one ad exchange at a time, often at lower rates than what they could get in a competitive market. Header bidding enables multiple ad exchanges to bid simultaneously for the same ad space, driving up the price and maximizing revenue for the publisher.

When a user visits a website, the Prebid software triggers a real-time auction, asking multiple advertisers to submit bids for the ad space on that page. This auction happens in milliseconds, so the user experience is not affected.
The highest bidding advertiser gets to display their ad. This not only benefits the publisher by bringing in higher revenue but also benefits advertisers by giving them a fair chance to secure valuable ad space.

What are the different Prebid products that you can use?

Header Bidding with Prebid

Header bidding is more than just industry jargon. It’s offering up your ad inventory to a buffet of ad exchanges before your ad server even gets a whiff. Prebid takes center stage here. It provides a powerful, open-source toolkit for publishers to set up header bidding on their websites and mobile apps. Think of Prebid as the sturdy framework upon which your programmatic dreams can be built.

Different Prebid Products

Think of Prebid as a reliable toolset for navigating the programmatic ad world. From browser-based solutions to server-side options and mobile apps to data privacy—Prebid has got it all. It’s like your one-stop shop for publishers, advertisers, and ad tech companies for programmatic advertising.


Prebid has a stable suite of solutions. Starting with Prebid. js—a nifty JavaScript library that works magic in the browser. It simplifies the header bidding process. It also supports a variety of ad formats like display, video, and native, allowing publishers to monetize their websites effectively. Prebid.js helps publishers maximize their ad revenue by streamlining the header bidding process.

Prebid Server

Prebid Server handles the header bidding process on the server side, reducing the client-side load and speeding up the website and ad selection process. This results in a better user experience and potentially higher ad revenue.

Prebid Mobile

Prebid Mobile SDK offers a comprehensive header bidding solution designed for mobile apps. It works with Prebid Server to provide a seamless and efficient ad auction process, maximizing revenue for mobile publishers.


SharedID offers a privacy-conscious identification solution that complies with data protection regulations. It helps maintain user trust while allowing effective ad targeting and analytics.


Prebid’s modular architecture allows for a high degree of customization. Publishers and ad tech companies can choose from various modules for bids, analytics, real-time data, and user IDs to tailor their header bidding experience according to their specific needs.

Perks of Using Prebid Products

Why use Prebid products? Here are some of its advantages.

Enhanced Competition, Better Yield

One of the standout features of Prebid is its ability to foster a more competitive marketplace for your ad inventory. By opening up the floor to multiple bidders at once, you’re not just speeding things up but also driving up the value of your ad slots. More competition usually means higher bid prices, which means a better yield.

Prebid offers advanced header bidding solutions that allow publishers to simultaneously offer their inventory to multiple advertisers. This increases competition and, in turn, maximizes revenue. The platform is compatible with leading header bidding solutions like Prebid, further enhancing its utility.

Full Transparency and Control

In a world where data is the new gold, transparency is key. Prebid offers an unparalleled level of visibility into the bidding process. You can see who is bidding, how much they offer, and why a bid won. This intel is invaluable for publishers to make informed decisions, adjust strategies, and keep those revenue streams healthy.

Flexibility and Customization

Prebid isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but one that users can tweak as necessary. The platform offers various modules, bid adapters, and analytics options that allow you to customize your header bidding experience to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re a large publisher with a complicated setup or a niche blog looking for simple solutions, Prebid can be molded to serve your unique requirements.

Open Source and Community-Driven

Being open-source isn’t just a label; it’s a whole philosophy that Prebid embodies. It means you’re benefiting from the collective expertise of a community of developers and publishers who constantly contribute to improving the platform. Plus, there are no licensing fees—another perk that can significantly affect your operating costs.

Mobile and Cross-Platform Support

Don’t think Prebid is just for web publishers. With dedicated solutions like Prebid Mobile SDK, the platform covers iOS and Android, ensuring a seamless header bidding experience regardless of the platform you’re operating on. The digital world is increasingly multi-platform, and Prebid has you covered across the board.

Privacy-Centric Solutions

In an era where privacy concerns are escalating, Prebid offers products like SharedID designed with user privacy in mind. These solutions help publishers maintain user trust while still effectively monetizing their inventory.

Prebid Integration and Maintenance

Integration is a breeze with Prebid. It comes packed with both client-side and server-side options. Plus, you can even get managed services from Prebid.org members. So, you get all the benefits of server-side header bidding without the hassle of handling it yourself.

Prebid and Latency

Now, you might hear a lot of folks in the industry buzz about ‘latency.’ It isn’t merely a buzzword. It’s what you want to achieve to improve user experience. You see, latency is the time it takes from when an ad call is made to when the actual ad appears on the user’s screen. The longer it takes, the more you risk annoying your users, and an annoyed user is a click away from leaving your site.

Prebid tackles this head-on by employing some snappy concurrent bidding. Picture this: Instead of going to bidders one by one, which is as tedious as it sounds, Prebid fires off multiple requests to different bidders simultaneously within a set timeframe. It’s like hosting a rapid-fire auction where everyone shouts their bids at once instead of waiting their turn. This is huge because it speeds up the whole process and shaves off milliseconds of your load time.

Change Your Programmatic Advertising Game With AlgoriX

Prebid is nothing short of revolutionary in the fast-evolving landscape of programmatic advertising. It offers a holistic product suite that empowers publishers to optimize their ad revenue while cutting latency.

The programmatic advertising landscape has been marred by issues such as lack of transparency, limited control for publishers, and inefficient ad management systems. These challenges have been particularly problematic in closed ecosystems known as “walled gardens,” which restrict publishers’ control over ad placement, pricing, and performance metrics. These issues often lead to inefficient ad operations and eroded trust between publishers and platforms.

To tackle these problems, Prebid.org, an organization specializing in open-source advertising solutions, is partnering with AlgoriX to improve mobile advertising’s fairness, efficiency, and transparency. Although Prebid has been successful in the US, its adoption has been slower in the APAC region. This collaboration aims to expand Prebid’s global reach and make its solutions more accessible to mobile app developers and publishers, particularly in APAC.

AlgoriX, a leader in the media and ad tech industry, has built its software development kit (SDK) on top of Prebid Mobile, allowing for multiple ad formats and greater efficiency. This partnership is set to drive innovation and create a more level playing field in the programmatic advertising sector, promoting fair competition and revenue growth for developers.

Furthermore, AlgoriX is set to launch a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution based on Prebid and AI technologies. This new offering aims to provide unprecedented control and transparency to publishers and advertisers in monetizing and advertising efforts. AlgoriX believes the solution will significantly change how partners manage digital marketing strategies.

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At present, she is AlgoriX’s co-founder and Chief Operation Officer. Together with the team, she aims to help game developers effectively reach global audiences and implement better monetization strategies.

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Before founding AlgoriX, Ruiz Xie joined CoreMail in 2002. There, he created the first Ajax version of the mailbox in China for NetEase, which was the largest Internet company in China at the time. After that, he joined Tencent in 2005 and contributed to the creation of Tencent Games while also building a large scale distributed storage system. In 2013, he moved to Baidu where he took part in developing Baidu International’s overall architecture and search advertising system. During his tenure, he was also the Chairman of the Baidu Global Technical Committee and Baidu’s chief architect.