The Algorian Way: How Supply Operations Lead Shiyang Zhang Banks on Teamwork to Quickly Adapt to Industry Trends and Maintain AlgoriX’s Competitive Edge

What is the Algorian Way?

The Algorian Way is paved with excellence, hard work, and limitless innovation. In this series of candid interviews, we get up close and personal with the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver you topnotch monetization and outstanding ROIs. Through this, we hope to showcase our passion and vision for the future of ad tech.

Employee Spotlight: Shiyang Zhang

This time, we get to know AlgoriX Supply Operations Lead Shiyang Zhang and go in depth into the challenges we often encounter in this ever-changing industry.

Can you briefly tell us about yourself and what you do at AlgoriX?

I have an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University and later on pursued a postgraduate degree at the University of Southern California. After graduating, I decided to change my career path and embark on a new adventure in what I think is a more exciting and challenging field. That’s when I joined Baidu’s International Business Group as a Business Development Manager.

At present, I lead AlgoriX’s Supply Operations team, where we’re mainly responsible for overseeing integration and account management of direct developers in AlgoriX Exchange. Driven by AlgoriX’s client-focused mindset, my team and I continuously seek ways to build technology that would serve our developers, further strengthen AlgoriX’s core competitiveness, and realize the company’s vision. Having worked at AlgoriX since it was founded, my role is constantly changing with the growth of the company. From being the Supply BD responsible for integrating our first developer into the platform to being a Supply AM nurturing the professional growth of our partners, I’m now managing the expansion of our Supply Operations team to deliver exceptional service.

You mentioned working at AlgoriX since the company was established. Do you have an unforgettable memory of your time here?

During my time at AlgoriX, many things have left a deep impression on me, most of which are related to the team’s strong teamwork and overcoming difficulties together. Take a recent event as an example, when Applovin MAX launched a new jsTag integration method. In order to quickly respond to the needs of the market and our customers, AlgoriX’s Business Development team, Operations team and R&D team worked together efficiently. The whole process, from research and development, testing, online launch, to internal training, took only two weeks. This seamless teamwork and rapid response to market demand have always been my favorite aspect of working at AlgoriX.

What’s a challenge you often encounter at work, and how do you overcome it?

I think the biggest challenge comes from the rapid changes in the industry. New industry standards and trends would emerge every once in a while, such as ads.txt and Sellers.JSON, GDPR, Apple’s AAT, new integration methods by major platforms and more, that require us to adapt quickly. In response to these challenges, I stay up to date with industry trends, maintain close communication with peers and customers, and make swift adjustments by working together with the AlgoriX R&D team.

Despite the challenges, name three things that help you consistently deliver stellar work performance.

  1. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
  2. Summarize internal SOPs and operation guidelines for developers
  3. Maintain a close working relationship between the business development team and R&D team.

Any hobbies or interests outside work?

When I’m not at work, I enjoy traveling and skiing.

Girl in ski suit in a snowy mountain

Lastly, what’s something our partners/potential clients should look forward to this year?

At AlgoriX, we’re constantly pushing for innovation and cutting-edge technology. That’s why we’re always developing new improvements to our propriety SDK to deliver even better revenues to our partners. Aside from this, AlgoriX supports not only RTB, S2S API, and jsTag/VAST tag, but also five different SDK adapter integration methods: AdMob, ironSource, MAX, TopOn and TradPlus. We will continue to bring new innovations to our own SDK plus develop more integration methods for media monetization platforms. Please look forward to our future updates!



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Pranav Kataria

Associate Director, Programmatic Strategy

As the Associate Director of Programmatic Strategy, Pranav brings over 8 years of experience in the adtech industry working with Publishers, DSPs, Agencies, and Advertisers from global regions to improve their monetization, performance, and strategies. With great understanding of the mobile market, his expertise lies in analytics, account management, strategy, and ad sales. With this refined skill set, he brings customer-centric mindfulness that enables growth and innovation.

Before joining AlgoriX, his keen business perspective and skills have earned him opportunities to work across different organizations and verticals in the advertising ecosystem; be it improving the processes, sales enablement, and managing client relationships.

Ray Xia

VP, AlgoriX Partner Studio

Ray Xia was a mainstay at Tencent Games, having worked at the company for 13 years. There, he took on various roles including backend developer, application development manager, and game producer. During this time, he actively participated in the development and operation of popular titles such as QQ Pet, QQ Pet Fight, and games involving the Naruto franchise. To date, these games have over 10 million daily active users. Through this rich well of experience he has accumulated covering all aspects of game development and operation, he aims to spearhead more creative endeavors via AlgoriX Studios.

Naomi Li

VP, Research and Development

Naomi Li has a decade’s worth of experience in research and development for the adtech industry. She started her career at Baidu where she was mainly responsible for the Automation Testing of the Baidu Fengchao Ad Search Engine. There, she focused on the fields of overlapping experiment infrastructure, rich media ads rendering, and ad antispam technology. Moreover, as part of Baidu’s International Group, she led the research and development of various monetization and advertising mechanisms for Baidu’s overseas app store, SDK, and AdNetwork. At present, she is responsible for the overall direction of AlgoriX’s R&D efforts, which include product planning, technical architecture design, and talent training.

Frederic Liow

SVP, Revenue Growth & Strategy

A veteran in the digital advertising industry, he began his career during the early days of the dotcom era. To date, his passion for the digital industry is still as strong as ever (and getting even stronger). Spanning twenty years of his digital career, he has worked for leading companies like Nielsen, MRM McCann, Omnicom Media Group, Millward Brown and Smaato. Currently, Frederic is the revenue officer for AlgoriX spearheading global revenue growth, business expansion and strategic partnerships. He has set up and built AlgoriX’s global mobile ad exchange, hiring talents, establishing best practices, and injecting global industry standards into the company. Prior to his current role, he was the Head of Demand for Smaato, overseeing the demand business and operations in APAC. Frederic is currently based in our Singapore HQ.

Xinxiao Guo

Chief Operation Officer

Equipped with a decade’s worth of experience in global product operation as well as a deep understanding of emerging markets, Xinxiao brings her expertise in mobile traffic monetization and programmatic advertising to the table. Before her role at AlgoriX, she was a core member of iQIYI’s research and development unit. After that, she moved to Baidu as Head of Programmatic Advertising.

At present, she is AlgoriX’s co-founder and Chief Operation Officer. Together with the team, she aims to help game developers effectively reach global audiences and implement better monetization strategies.

Ruiz Xie

Chief Executive Officer

With nearly 20 years of business experience, Ruiz Xie founded AlgoriX with the vision of creating a global advertising platform and entertainment ecosystem. Through AlgoriX’s services, he aims to create a more inclusive tech ecosystem by providing customized solutions that meet the needs of businesses at every stage. At the same time, through AlgoriX Studios and its third-party partner studios, the company is currently bringing to life a greater goal of providing a comprehensive entertainment platform for people worldwide, which covers games, IP, comics, movies, and more. At present, he leads nearly a hundred employees with concrete plans to expand the company by establishing more offices worldwide.

Before founding AlgoriX, Ruiz Xie joined CoreMail in 2002. There, he created the first Ajax version of the mailbox in China for NetEase, which was the largest Internet company in China at the time. After that, he joined Tencent in 2005 and contributed to the creation of Tencent Games while also building a large scale distributed storage system. In 2013, he moved to Baidu where he took part in developing Baidu International’s overall architecture and search advertising system. During his tenure, he was also the Chairman of the Baidu Global Technical Committee and Baidu’s chief architect.