From Players to Customers: The Strategic Role of Mobile Games in Brand Advertising

The meteoric rise of mobile gaming has not only transformed the entertainment landscape but also ushered in a new era for digital advertising. Mobile games have become a potent platform for brand advertisers as smartphones become ubiquitous. They offer unprecedented opportunities to engage with diverse and captive audiences. This evolution presents a dual narrative: a […]

Can Alternative IDs Boost Revenue? Here’s Our Take

The delay in the deprecation of third-party cookies by Google has once again highlighted the urgency for alternative identifiers (IDs). With Google extending the cookie phase-out deadline to 2025, the adoption of these IDs has accelerated. These alternative IDs are becoming crucial for publishers and advertisers, aiming to reconcile the pressing need for user privacy […]

Unlocking Mobile Potential: The Advantages of Prebid for In-App Publishers

The digital advertising landscape is continuously evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for in-app publishers aiming to maximize their revenue. One of the more significant advancements in this area is the adoption of In-App Prebid, also known as Prebid Mobile, which aims at enhancing efficiency and profitability over the traditional Waterfall method of ad serving. […]

AlgoriX Announces Frederic Liow’s Promotion to Chief Revenue and Operations Officer

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company providing top-tier advertising technology solutions to publishers and advertisers, has promoted Frederic Liow as its new Chief Revenue and Operations Officer. Liow, previously the company’s Senior Vice President of Revenue & Growth, will leverage his expertise in the digital advertising tech sector to tap into new revenue […]

Beyond Waterfall: Understanding Google Ads’ Shift to Real-Time Bidding and Its Impacts for Publishers

Think about it: The digital marketplace has billions of transactions every millisecond. Publishers serve as the backbone, offering valuable digital real estate where advertisers can showcase their messages. This marketplace, however, is not static. A significant transformation is underway, redefining how advertising spaces are bought and sold: Google’s shift from the traditional waterfall method to […]

The Rising Power of Audio Ads in Programmatic Advertising

In the digital landscape, visual content often takes center stage. However, audio ads have surged as a compelling component of programmatic advertising in an era marked by screen fatigue and a desire for multitasking-friendly content. More recently, brands are realizing the potential of leveraging audio ads. Take into account the popularity of podcasts, for example. […]

AlgoriX Partners with HUMAN To Battle Ad Fraud and Improve Inventory Quality

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company that operates a global AI-powered exchange providing monetization and advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers and HUMAN Security, Inc, the global cybersecurity leader in protecting enterprises by disrupting bot attacks, digital fraud and abuse, today announced a new strategic partnership to safeguard AlgoriX and its clients. This partnership protects AlgoriX from programmatic ad fraud and ensures […]

AlgoriX Joins Prebid Ascent London 2024 to Discuss Prebid for In-App Publishers

As a long-standing member of, AlgoriX has been utilizing its in-app advertising expertise to advance Prebid’s technology and advocate its use among mobile publishers. Last year, AlgoriX worked with to establish a global task force, focused on adapting Prebid to the evolving needs of publishers and advertisers globally. This year, AlgoriX will join […]