Navigating the Green Frontier: Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage in Ad Tech

The ad tech industry finds itself in a unique position of scrutiny as the world grapples with an urgent need for environmental sustainability. The global conscience has shifted, and sustainability is now a non-negotiable aspect of business and societal conduct. This elevated consciousness has put industries across the board under the microscope, and the ad […]

AlgoriX Continues to Deliver Effective Campaigns with Enhanced Contextual Signals

As the digital landscape evolves and user privacy regulations become stricter, balancing effective ad targeting with user privacy becomes increasingly complex. This is particularly true following changes to Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and the ongoing updates to the Android Privacy Sandbox. These changes require us, and others within the ad tech industry, to adapt […]

The Deprecation of US Privacy Signals: What It Means for Ad Tech

The ad tech industry has been undergoing rapid changes, especially in data privacy. With increasing consumer and regulatory scrutiny, the industry has grappled with balancing effective advertising with privacy concerns. Shying away from the US privacy signals is a significant development in this ongoing saga. The Shift Away from Privacy Signals Recent studies indicate that […]

Understanding Prebid: The Game-Changer in Programmatic Advertising on AlgoriX

If you’re navigating the labyrinthine world of programmatic advertising, you’ve probably heard the term “header bidding” more than once. This technology has put the outdated waterfall method to bed and transformed how digital ads are traded. A Brief History of and Prebid Prebid was a collaborative effort launched in 2015 by the industry’s major […]