How to Successfully Enter the Hyper-Casual Games Market

How to Successfully Enter the Hyper-Casual Market | AlgoriX

Hyper-casual games are a major hit for mobile game users, accounting for 6.3 billion downloads in 2020 alone. The future remains bright for hyper-casual game developers as this genre will continue to attract a wider user base. In fact, publishers conclude that hyper-casual games will be the driving force in mobile game development, with revenue stemming from […]

AlgoriX’s New Dashboard for Publishers Gives You Better Control Over Your Ad Monetization

AlgoriX's new dashboard give publishers better control over their monetization

At AlgoriX, we understand that data is the driving force behind success. With increased transparency and better reporting, you can make the necessary tweaks to ensure better performance and higher returns. That’s why as part of AlgoriX’s continued commitment to provide everything you’ll need for app monetization success, we have designed a whole new dashboard with improved […]

5 Best Practices for Offerwall Monetization

App monetization is never easy. Even established publishers have to deal with constantly developing preferences and an ever changing monetization landscape, including the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Apple’s crackdown on offerwall monetization. These recent events have caused developers to lose thousands of dollars in revenue. This doesn’t mean, however, that all […]

4 In-App Monetization Mistakes Hurting Your Strategy

in-app monetization mistakes

Are you guilty of doing these in-app monetization mistakes? Developers like you who’ve put the effort into building a game would usually find satisfaction in seeing players enjoy and reap the rewards of their hard work. This joy in letting people enjoy your game, in itself, is already rewarding, but it’s also understandable for you […]

Can You Monetize Idle Games?

monetize idle games

While many businesses took a beating when the pandemic hit, the mobile gaming industry was among the ones who made bank. With people forced to stay home, they searched for different activities to keep their minds off of the ongoing health crisis, and mobile games became one of their go-to’s. It has become a versatile […]

Monetizing Your Mobile App this 2021? Here’s How You Should Do It

Both Google Play and the App Store have over 3 million apps currently available for download. Each one of them can generate millions of dollars. However, only a handful of them will do. That’s why it is critical to know how you can effectively monetize your game to make sure it stands out against the […]

AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios

SINGAPORE – JANUARY 12, 2021 – Media and advertising technology company, AlgoriX, has officially launched its mobile gaming arm, AlgoriX Studios. With AlgoriX Studios, the company aims to groom the next generation of indie game and app developers by providing them with expert guidance and resources on acquiring users, go-to-market plans for local and global […]

Knowledge Hub: Ad Tech 101

What Is Ad Revenue? Ad revenue refers to the money generated through advertising. It is calculated by getting the ad impressions and multiplying it by the effective cost per mile (eCPM).Impressions x eCPM = ad revenue Developers would commonly use multiple app metrics, such as Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), Average Revenue Per […]

Here’s Why Publishers and Advertisers Should Prioritize User Privacy

Banner image with text "How important is user privacy for advertisers and publishers?"

It’s a given that managing an effective digital advertising campaign is tough. Each campaign must engage consumers across all channels – whether it be on mobile or connected TVs (CTVs). There must be an understanding of consumer behavior, and this lies in data gathering. Many believe that when advertisers and publishers can access data, they […]