AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios

SINGAPORE – JANUARY 12, 2021 – Media and advertising technology company, AlgoriX, has officially launched its mobile gaming arm, AlgoriX Studios. With AlgoriX Studios, the company aims to groom the next generation of indie game and app developers by providing them with expert guidance and resources on acquiring users, go-to-market plans for local and global […]

Knowledge Hub: Ad Tech 101

What Is Ad Revenue? Ad revenue refers to the money generated through advertising. It is calculated by getting the ad impressions and multiplying it by the effective cost per mile (eCPM).Impressions x eCPM = ad revenue Developers would commonly use multiple app metrics, such as Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), Average Revenue Per […]

How Research Can Maximize Your Advertising Campaign’s Impact

How can research maximize an ad's impact?

In an Internet-driven world, many advertisers would often rely on the “virality” of their campaigns. The more each post is talked about, the better it is. This is why some content marketing posts would have click-bait titles, and marketers would rely on enticing headlines yet fall short on the content. This practice, however, can often […]

Here’s Why Publishers and Advertisers Should Prioritize User Privacy

Banner image with text "How important is user privacy for advertisers and publishers?"

It’s a given that managing an effective digital advertising campaign is tough. Each campaign must engage consumers across all channels – whether it be on mobile or connected TVs (CTVs). There must be an understanding of consumer behavior, and this lies in data gathering. Many believe that when advertisers and publishers can access data, they […]

Introducing a Brand-new AlgoriX!

This is a year full of changes. It has certainly tested our capability to adapt to the times and discover silver linings. For us at AlgoriX, we have used this opportunity to reexamine our business and make changes that would not only positively affect ourselves but the world. With this in mind, we’ve pivoted our […]

What Are the Implications of the Facebook Ad Boycott?

If you are following the news and happenings in the digital advertising industry, you would probably know that many big brands are now distancing themselves from Facebook. In the past few weeks alone, major brands, such as Disney, Lego, Mars, Unilever, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, and Diageo, have taken part in the Facebook ad boycott. Most […]

Can Advertisers Bounce Back With the Help of OTT?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant shift across all industries. Now that most nations are slowly reopening, advertisers must carefully change their tactics to send their message to their target audience. It isn’t surprising that they would consider over-the-top (OTT) advertising as their anchor for change. Will it be successful, though? Let’s dissect the […]

What You Should Know About Monetizing Hyper-Casual Games

Hyper-casual games have had a massive following since its popularity surged after Voodoo raked in millions of downloads when it offered such format. It is inevitable, then, for brands to eventually find ways to capitalize on the trend. Given how the format has successfully maintained its popularity several years after it first surged, monetizing it […]

Top 5 Ways of Improving Your Mobile In-App Monetization Strategies

When you want to develop a mobile app for a business, you want to make sure that they would be engaging enough to help amplify a brand. While you can come up with many strategies to market any brand, there’s one more thing that you can use your app for – monetizing it. Do you […]

How Will Digital Advertising Change Post-Pandemic?

The end of the coronavirus pandemic seems bleak at the moment. However, what is clear is its effects. Thousands of shops, schools, public spaces, and even countries are closing in an effort to contain the virus’ spread. Even conferences like the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which AlgoriX was supposed to be a part of, […]