Navigating Transformation: AlgoriX 2023 Wrap-Up

AlgoriX Wrap-up

In 2023, “transformation” emerged as the defining theme for the ad tech industry. The challenges of a post-Covid landscape compelled adaptation, while the rise of disruptive technologies prompted a reevaluation of our existing advertising strategies. From integrating AI-generated content in marketing to adjusting audience targeting methods in response to evolving privacy regulations, the ad tech […]

AlgoriX Continues to Deliver Effective Campaigns with Enhanced Contextual Signals

As the digital landscape evolves and user privacy regulations become stricter, balancing effective ad targeting with user privacy becomes increasingly complex. This is particularly true following changes to Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and the ongoing updates to the Android Privacy Sandbox. These changes require us, and others within the ad tech industry, to adapt […]

AlgoriX Joins IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement to Stay Ahead of US Privacy Regulations

A colorful banner with the United States Map and a mobile phone in shades of blue and teal. The banner includes the title "AlgoriX Joins IAB's Multi-State Privacy Agreement to Stay Ahead of US Privacy Regulations" in bold white letters and the logo of Algorix, a digital marketing agency.

As a long-standing member of IAB Tech Lab, AlgoriX is delighted to announce we have signed the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA). This framework aims to aid ad tech industry players meet compliance requirements for privacy regulations in participating states in the United States. By becoming an MSPA signatory, AlgoriX agrees to abide by a […]

AlgoriX’s SDK Update Tackles New Monetization Challenges to Deliver Higher Revenues

An image featuring a computer screen displaying an update for an SDK, with icons representing privacy and revenue increase.

AlgoriX is excited to announce the release of our new SDK, which includes updates to tackle monetization challenges in 2023. As a mobile app developer, it’s no secret that in-app advertising is a crucial component of your app’s monetization strategy. However, with ever-changing regulations and increasing competition, it can be a challenge to ensure that your […]

Here’s Why Now Is the Best Time to Seek for an Alternative User Identity Solution

here's why now is the best time to seek for an alternative user identity solution

With proliferating data regulations, there’s an urgent need for an alternative to user identification for advertising that relies on third-party cookies. This is part of a greater industry mandate that requires every ad tech player to uphold user privacy and comply with relevant regulations while collecting and managing user data. Therefore, everyone must handle personal […]

Why Contextual Targeting Matters This 2023

Why Contextual Targeting Matters this 2023

The world of digital advertising is changing fast. As a result, many marketers are seeking new ways to reach their audiences and attract more business. One such approach has been contextual targeting — the idea that users should be able to see ads that are relevant to their current experience on a website or app. […]

AlgoriX’s New Dashboard for Publishers Gives You Better Control Over Your Ad Monetization

AlgoriX's new dashboard give publishers better control over their monetization

At AlgoriX, we understand that data is the driving force behind success. With increased transparency and better reporting, you can make the necessary tweaks to ensure better performance and higher returns. That’s why as part of AlgoriX’s continued commitment to provide everything you’ll need for app monetization success, we have designed a whole new dashboard with improved […]

Introducing a Brand-new AlgoriX!

This is a year full of changes. It has certainly tested our capability to adapt to the times and discover silver linings. For us at AlgoriX, we have used this opportunity to reexamine our business and make changes that would not only positively affect ourselves but the world. With this in mind, we’ve pivoted our […]