AlgoriX at DMEXCO 2023: Shaping the Future of Ad Tech Together

Join AlgoriX at DMEXCO 2023

Get Ready for a Power-Packed Experience with AlgoriX at DMEXCO 2023! Join us as we dive into the future of ad tech at DMEXCO 2023 – Europe’s leading event for digital marketing and tech innovation. Together, let’s explore the dynamic landscape of advertising technology in a post-COVID, privacy-first world. Connect, Collaborate, and Create Value We’re […]

AlgoriX Ignites China Joy 2023, Unleashing Monetization Expertise in Back-to-Back Events

AlgoriX at ChinaJoy 2023

ChinaJoy, the largest gaming convention in China, has made a triumphant return after a three-year break, attracting game enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Not to miss any of the action, the AlgoriX team also took part in the week-long series of events, where our monetization experts shared valuable insights into revenue growth strategies, […]

AlgoriX Works with to Accelerate Prebid Adoption in APAC and Launch AlgoriX SDK

AlgoriX Works with to Accelerate Prebid Adoption in APAC and Launch AlgoriX SDK

SINGAPORE, JULY 13, 2023 – AlgoriX is working with to boost Prebid adoption in the Asia-Pacific region while also launching the AlgoriX SDK based on Prebid’s Mobile solution. As the sole Asian company in Prebid’s global task force, AlgoriX is leveraging its mobile advertising expertise to support in further developing their Prebid solution […]

Going to ChinaJoy 2023? Join AlgoriX’s Monetization Sessions in Shanghai!

Get ready, game industry enthusiasts! Shanghai’s scorching hot summer awaits you at ChinaJoy 2023! After a three-year hiatus, the doors have reopened, inviting gamers from around the world to join in on the excitement. Not to be outdone, we at AlgoriX are also joining in the fun! We’re thrilled to announce a week-long series of […]

The Importance of User Engagement in App Monetization

A banner with the AlgoriX logo and the blog title The Importance of User Engagement in App Monetization

Mobile advertising is crucial in generating income for developers and publishers, determining the success or failure of apps and games within a highly competitive market. Research reveals that, in addition to in-app purchases and subscriptions, an overwhelming majority of the highest-earning games rely on advertisements as a monetization strategy. To maximize earnings, however, it’s vital […]

Understanding the IAB TCF: A Guide for Publishers, Advertisers, and Ad Tech Companies

A colorful banner featuring the EU stars, with the Algorix logo and text reading "Understanding the IAB TCF: A Guide for Publishers, Advertisers, and Ad Tech Companies" in white lettering.

As more users realize what’s at stake if their information leaks, there’s a greater push for data privacy and security. For this reason, government regulators have implemented more explicit guidelines and restrictions for data collection, use, and storage. Since its implementation in 2018, many aspects of the GDPR have changed. While it has been implemented […]

AlgoriX Joins IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement to Stay Ahead of US Privacy Regulations

A colorful banner with the United States Map and a mobile phone in shades of blue and teal. The banner includes the title "AlgoriX Joins IAB's Multi-State Privacy Agreement to Stay Ahead of US Privacy Regulations" in bold white letters and the logo of Algorix, a digital marketing agency.

As a long-standing member of IAB Tech Lab, AlgoriX is delighted to announce we have signed the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA). This framework aims to aid ad tech industry players meet compliance requirements for privacy regulations in participating states in the United States. By becoming an MSPA signatory, AlgoriX agrees to abide by a […]

Guide to IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA): What It Means for Publishers and Advertisers

A blue and green banner with the Algorix logo in the center and various icons representing iab tech lab mspa and user privacy.

The current landscape of user privacy is rapidly evolving due to the increasing number of privacy regulations worldwide. Organizations are facing challenges in protecting personal data and meeting regulatory requirements. With more and more users demanding greater privacy and transparency, businesses must adapt and comply.The changing legal landscape of consumer data privacy laws like the […]

Programmatic Connected TV (CTV) Advertising: How it Works and Why it Matters

A banner with the headline "CTV Advertising: What You Need to Know" features a graphic of a television screen with various streaming logos, surrounded by statistics and data points related to the rise of connected TV advertising.

Programmatic Connected TV (CTV) advertising is revolutionizing the way brands reach their target audiences. By using CTV, advertisers can access a massive range of viewers across different devices and platforms with greater precision and accuracy than ever before. This article will explain how programmatic CTV advertising works, its advantages, and why it matters to businesses […]

AlgoriX’s SDK Update Tackles New Monetization Challenges to Deliver Higher Revenues

An image featuring a computer screen displaying an update for an SDK, with icons representing privacy and revenue increase.

AlgoriX is excited to announce the release of our new SDK, which includes updates to tackle monetization challenges in 2023. As a mobile app developer, it’s no secret that in-app advertising is a crucial component of your app’s monetization strategy. However, with ever-changing regulations and increasing competition, it can be a challenge to ensure that your […]