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Last Updated: June 27, 2023

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) details how AlgoriX Technology Pte. Ltd. (“AlgoriX,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) and its global subsidiaries collect, use, and share information. It covers how we handle the following information:

    1. About End-Users (“End-Users,” “you,” “your”) of our owned and operated mobile applications (“apps”) and the publishers of third-party mobile apps that use our Ad Services (see Section 1 for more information on our “Ad Services”) either through a Software Development Kit (“SDK”) or other collection interfaces (“APIs,” “VAST Tags”);
    2. About individuals who visit and engage with our (i) corporate website at and other properties, be it on our (ii) official social media pages and (iii) email marketing, (iv) website subscriptions, and (v) other sales and marketing activities (collectively, “AlgoriX Properties”).


AlgoriX provides Ad Services, namely, mobile advertising automation technology and solutions to advertisers, buyers, app developers, and publishers of mobile apps and websites (collectively, “Clients”). This is done by providing our Clients —and through them, their customers — with tools to deliver relevant online advertising to End-Users through our Ad Services, which include our ad exchange (“AlgoriX Exchange”), advertising platform (“AlgoriX Entregar”), and app publishing arm (“AlgoriX Studios”). More information on these tools can be found in section 3 labeled “Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies.”

In line with our commitment to market quality and transparency, AlgoriX may also share certain relevant information about End-Users collected through our Ad Services with Clients and other third parties for data validation, fraud protection, and marketing purposes in compliance with regulations on personal data.



While visiting mobile applications using our Ad Services and depending upon the publisher’s choices, we will collect a variety of information from the End-User and their device and connection. Below are the information we collect in relation to our Ad Services:

  • Browser and device information received from publishers is shared with advertisers and agencies for responding to requests for advertisements, forecast advertising inventory and troubleshooting any operation issues; This includes:
    • Device Type: phones, smart tv, tablet, pc,
    • Device Manufacturer: Device make (e.g., “Apple”).
    • Device Mode: Device model (e.g., “iPhone”).
    • Device OS: Device operating system (e.g., “iOS”).
    • Device Language: (e.g., “English”)
    • Device carrier: Carrier or ISP (e.g., “VERIZON”).
    • Network connection type (e.g., “WIFI”, “Cellular-45”).
    • Device macmd5: MAC address of the device; hashed via MD5.
    • Device IFV: identifier of the device dedicated to an app publisher.
  • IP addresses, including both IPv4 and IPv6 (shared with DSPs (Demand Side Partners, which act on behalf of advertisers and agencies  to bid on advertising inventory);
  • Geo-location data (town level) is used by DSPs to bid on advertising inventory which requires for user’s opt in for precise geolocation (long. and lat.) but not for geolocation at a town level;
  • UserIDs, stored in browser cookies by DSPs, are stored by DSPs for profiles on the ad servers;
  • Mobile device identifiers (IFDA, AAID) are used to track mobile traffic and are shared with DSPs acting on behalf of advertisers and agencies to personalize the advertising displayed;
  • Data on whether a user viewed or clicked on an Ad is shared with DSPs acting on behalf of advertisers and agencies for the measurement of ad performance and statistics.
  • Authentication-derived identifiers:Identifiers derived from users’ email addresses or phone numbers through hash function (SHA-256, MD5, SHA-1…) which are deployed and received from publishers are shared with DSPs acting on behalf of advertisers and agencies to personalize the advertising displayed; no authentication-derived identifier is collected for EU audience.


We use the information we collect for  the following business purposes:

Providing and improving our advertising services. The information we collect is essential in delivering and optimizing our services (including the Ad Services mentioned above). This includes linking different devices used by the End-User and identifying devices based on information transmitted automatically, including (i) actively scanning device characteristics for identification purpose and/or (ii) collecting precise geolocation, both subject to consent of EU End-Users.

Delivering ads. Through our Ad Services, publishers and app developers can offer advertising inventory, while advertisers and buyers (DSPs) can bid on and fill that inventory with relevant ads.

Behavioral targeting. DSPs, acting on behalf of advertisers and agencies match data we pass to them with their own data, trying to predict End-Users’ potential future behavior and interests on a per-device basis or across devices. This allows Advertisers and agencies to select and effectively deliver highly relevant ads to the right users; AlgoriX does not offer behavioral targeting services itself. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have the right to opt-out of behavioral targeted advertising. You may do that with us directly when using one of our mobile apps or AlgoriX Properties (see “Opt Out” below), but for our third-party publishers or advertising Client of our Ad Services, you must opt-out with them directly as described in their privacy policies, and we honor the restrictions on the use of your data that they communicate to us through technological signals or other methods. Note that advertising may still be targeted based on other information, such as the context of a publisher’s content where ads are displayed.

Reports and analytics. We require this information to analyze ad performance, such as tracking views of ads, as well as click-through rates to websites or app stores and/or installs of apps that have been advertised, thus allowing us to improve our Ad Services and provide detailed reports to our Clients as needed.

Data validation and fraud prevention. While providing our Ad Services, it’s sometimes necessary to match End-User information, such as mobile IP addresses, across multiple devices to validate data, filter out invalid impressions, clicks, installs, or ad queries, and prevent fraudulent activity from occurring while delivering our Ad Services.

Other essential usage. We may also make use of information as deemed necessary to (i) comply with legal processes, (ii) as required by government authorities, including and excluding government authorities of  End-Users’ country of residence, (iii) protect our business, rights, privacy, and safety, and those of our subsidiaries and Clients, (iv) carry out audits (security, corporate, accounting) and finally, (v) to ensure our terms and conditions are enforced.


We act as joint controller with our Clients (Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies, including Demand Side Platforms “DSPs”) in order to sell Publishers advertising inventory, to permit behavioural targeting by DSPs acting on behalf of Advertisers and Agencies, ensure ad delivery to End-Users, and provide statistics and data validation to our Clients. AlgoriX consequently implemented a joint controllership agreement with its Clients and Publishers, the main obligations of which are made available to End-Users by writing to:


AlgoriX, our Clients, and our third-party partners collect and use information about End-Users through cookies and other tracking technologies. Below, we detail the technologies we use and how each is utilized. End-Users may opt-out by following the opt-out process detailed in Section 5.2. The use of tracking technologies is subject to prior consent from EU End-Users.


We use a combination of the following tracking technologies to help us collect information:

Cookies. Cookies are small data files containing a string of characters, such as unique browser identifiers. Cookies are stored on your computer or other device and act as unique tags that identify your browser. Our servers may deploy a cookie on your browser only when you visit Algorix’s Website at , subject to EU End Users’ prior consent.

Pixel Tags. Also known as web beacons or pixels, pixel tags are small blocks of code on a webpage, which can read and place cookies. It enables us to collect information such as IP addresses, time of access, and browser type.

SDKs. A software development kit (SDK) is a tool or program used by app developers that allow us to serve ads, collect data, and implement other necessary actions related to our Ad Services on mobile applications.

APIs. An application programming interface (API), like the SDK, is used to call or request for information.

We and our third-party partners use cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect and use information about you as listed in Section 2.1.


We use these tracking technologies to collect information automatically from End-Users’ devices, subject to prior consent from EU End-Users, collected by publishers who work with us, including through the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework, of which Algorix is a member). They help us identify unique browsers or devices used by an End-User and to perform functions like limiting the same ad from continuously reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed on our publishers’ apps and websites, and serving relevant ads to the End-User.

Further on, and subject to prior and express consent from EU End-Users, our Clients will use information that we share with them to establish connections among related devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and computers) for personalized advertising by Advertisers and agencies, and for analytics, and reporting purposes. They may match End User’s devices if the End User logs into the same online service on multiple devices or web browsers, or if the End User’s devices share similar attributes that support an inference that they are used by the same person or household. This means that information about an End User’s use of websites or applications on his or her current browser or device may be combined and used with information from the End User’s other browsers or devices. For example, this allows Advertisers and Agencies to deliver ads on an End User’s tablet-based on activities the End User engaged in on his or her smartphone. To opt-out of cross-device targeting practices, and/or please follow the instructions in the section below.


We participate in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (IAB TCF) in order to obtain appropriate consent from EU End-Users to tracking technologies. We comply with IAB TCF Specifications and Policies. AlgoriX’s identification number within the framework is 1176.

The TC String is a tool created by the IAB TCF permitting to collect End-Users consent or refusal to tracking technologies for advertising purposes, which is passed to Algorix and to its Clients and partners to ensure they are entitled to process the End-User data, in compliance with the GDPR. According to the Belgium data protection authority dated February 2nd, 2022, the IAB Europe is a joint controller with CMPs, publishers and vendors for the collection and dissemination of TC Strings, based on the legitimate interest legal basis, and subject to an opt out system to be implemented; IAB Europe is currently deemed as a joint controller with CMPs, publishers and vendors for the subsequent processing of personal data for advertising purposes, according to the same decision of the Belgium data protection authority. Because the joint controllership has been established by a ruling, we will update from time to time this section to reflect any changes implemented by the IAB Europe to comply with the data protection authority’s decision, which has been appealed.

PURPOSES of the TCF IAB Consent String (See also Section 2.2) LEGAL BASIS (See also  Section 6.1) DATA RETENTION
Store and/or access information on a device Consent as sole legal basis After one week data is deleted
Create profiles for personalized advertising Consent as sole legal basis After one week the data are deleted
Measure advertising performance Consent as sole legal basis After one week the data are deleted
Develop and improve services Flexible, default is Legitimate Interest After one week the data is deleted
Ensure security, prevent and detect fraud, and fix errors Flexible, default is Legitimate Interest After one week the data is deleted
Deliver and present advertising and content Flexible, default is Legitimate Interest After one week the data is deleted
Use precise geolocation data Consent After one week the data is deleted
Actively scan device characteristics for identification Consent After one week the data are deleted


We are a signatory to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) Multi-State Privacy Agreement (“MSPA”) regarding the processing of data for U.S. residents. The MSPA is an industry contractual framework intended to aid advertisers, publishers, agencies, and ad-tech intermediaries in complying with federal and state privacy laws in the United States. For transactions covered by the MSPA, “First Parties” (i.e., publishers and advertisers) can choose to operate in “Service Provider Mode” or “Opt-Out Option Mode,” depending your location in the United States and the disclosures and choices you are offered through “Choice Mechanisms.” Choice Mechanisms are ways to communicate restrictions on your consent to use of your personal information, such as “Do Not Sell or Share My Data” links. Service Provider Mode under the MSPA is for First Parties that do not “sell,” “share,” or process personal information for “targeted advertising.” Opt-Out Option Mode is for First Parties that may engage in those activities. Standards have been developed under the MSPA for technical signals to communicate your elections when you use Choice Mechanisms under applicable law to either consent or not consent to certain use of your personal information, and we honor those signals as we receive them in order to respect your choices.


Information may also be collected while using AlgoriX Properties (as defined at the beginning of this Privacy Policy) such as our website.


Information Directly Provided By Client

While using AlgoriX Properties, visitors may be asked to voluntarily provide personal information. This might occur when visitors register for an AlgoriX account, subscribe to our mailing list, fill out a lead generation form on social media, or contact us via our website. Often, the information we collect include contact details (name, email, phone number), personal information (company, job title, office location), messages detailing the nature of communication, and any attachments visitors may include in relation to this.

Information That’s Automatically Collected
Subject to prior consent for EU resident Clients, we use cookies and pixel tags on AlgoriX properties to collect information that may be considered as personal data in some countries including those under the EU. This information allows us to keep track of visitor interactions, optimize our services, customize user experience and allow ad retargeting. More information is provided on “Section 3 – Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies.”
Information About Children

Our apps, Ad Services, and AlgoriX Properties are not intended for use or access by children or minors. We do not knowingly collect or solicit information from anyone under the age of thirteen (13). If you believe we have inadvertently collected information about a child under the age of thirteen (13), please contact us


The information we collect on AlgoriX Properties are be used for:

    • Account management. Create access to an AlgoriX account and provide specific data related to the use of our Ad Services
    • Marketing communications. Send out marketing and promotional messages regarding our products and services in line with your content preferences. You may opt out of our marketing communications at any time by following the steps detailed at “Section 5.2 Control and Opt-Out Options”
    • Service messages. Sometimes, we may need to use this information to send out messages for administrative purposes such as to communicate changes in our terms of service, product policies, and other related updates.
    • Case studies and testimonials. With our Client’s explicit content, we may use personal information when drafting case studies and testimonials to be posted on the website. Should you wish to have this content removed in the future, you may do so by sending us a message with a link to the page where the content you wish to remove appears.
    • Customer service and support. The information you provide may also be used to contact you in response to a request for customer service or support or to provide more information as needed.
    • Analytics and Advertising. We use Google Analytics on our website and other social media and CRM analytic tools in our Properties to collect data for the purpose of research, analysis, and reporting. In some cases, this collected data may also be used for ad retargeting. You may check your opt out options in “Section 5.2 Control and Opt-Out Options.”
    • Improving our products and services. Information collected will also be used to optimize user experience on our Properties, improve the content we provide, deliver more effective marketing campaigns, and manage our client relations.
    • Legal purposes and risk management. When necessary and under applicable laws, including those outside the End-Users’ country of residence, we may use this information to comply with legal requirements, mitigate risks and damages to our business and that of our clients, and fulfill other similar requirements.


INFORMATION (See also Section 4.1) PURPOSE (See also Section 4.2) LEGAL BASIS (See also Section 6.1) DATA RETENTION
Name, surname, zip code, email, phone number, company, job title, office location Account creation Contract Duration of the account until deletion requested by client or 3 years after Client’s last connection to the account
Email Newsletter Consent Until consent is withdrawn
Billing Information Billing Contract performance Duration of the account until deletion requested by client or 3 years after Client’s last connection to the account
Email Support Legitimate interest/performance of the contract Duration of the account until deletion requested by client or 3 years after Client’s last connection to the account



The End Users data we collect is shared in relation to the use of AlgoriX Ad Services. Below, we detail when information is shared:

To Buyers and Advertisers:  list hereWe share information we collect on End Users in connection with our Ad Services to allow them to make decisions regarding buying advertising inventory on our publishers’  digital properties and other websites and applications, and for billing purposes, dispute resolution or fraud prevention. Moreover, this information, such as a device’s physical location, is also needed to analyze the effectiveness and performance of their advertising campaigns via our services. This also enables buyers and advertisers to provide End-Users with more personalized and relevant content.

To Our Clients’ Attribution and Analytics Partners: We may share end-user information, such as cookie ID, mobile device ID, or other unique identifiers with our clients’ attribution and analytics partners to validate and measure the success and effectiveness of ads delivered via our Ad Services.

To Clients (Agencies and Advertisers, or Demand Side Partners acting on their behalf) So they may provide targeted content and advertising to End Users on mobile websites and/or apps.

They also may use the data along with analytics companies, data management platforms that help DSPs maintain and use data, proximity solution providers, and other advertising technology providers, such as fraud prevention and performance measurement providers. These companies may, for example, provide targeted content and advertising to End-Users and others on third-party mobile websites and/or apps or other advertising media (such as email, direct mail, and display media).

To Execute Business Transfers. In the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings), the information may also be shared with a third party, as strictly necessary for the purpose of executing business transfers.

To Comply with Legal Requirements. If deemed necessary and appropriate, information may be shared (i) in line with applicable law, including laws outside the End-User’s country of residence, (ii) to comply with legal processes, such as subpoenas, warrants, and others; (iii) as required by government authorities, including and excluding government authorities of  End-Users’ country of residence; (iv) to protect our business, rights, privacy, and safety, and those of our subsidiaries and Clients, and finally, (iv) to ensure our terms and conditions are enforced, (v) to pursue legal action and contain damages we may sustain in relation to such activities.


In connection with the GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant Privacy Laws, the AlgoriX Opt-Out process describes the steps you need to take to request the deletion or pull-out of data being used by our platform for interest-based advertising, and cross-device targeting purposes. We do not “sell” your information as that term is used in the CCPA and regulations, but you may opt-out of having your information shared for the purposes of targeted advertising or what is called “third-party segment” creation identifying audience segments with common demographics.

Opting-Out from Tracking Technologies Used for Interest-Based Advertising and Cross-Device Targeting:

You can opt-out by clicking the button below:

Opt Out

Please take note that this opt-out option is cookie-based. So if you change or update your browser, delete cookies, or switch to another device, you will have to repeat the process and opt-out again. Lastly, if your browser is using third-party cookie blockers, it may cause our opt-out option button to not work properly.

If you would like to opt-out of one of our Clients’ properties, you will find the opt-out process detailed in their site. You can usually find this information on their Privacy Policies or Cookie Policies.

Opting-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Cross-Device Targeting on Mobile Devices for End Users

If you would like to opt-out of one of our Mobile Clients’ or AlgoriX’ mobile properties, you will find the opt-out process detailed in each application. You can usually find this information within your mobile app account settings.

Moreover, End-Users who would like to opt-out of being tracked for advertising purposes on any apps, can do the following:

    • iOS Users: Those with iOS 6.0 or higher can opt-out of most cross-app advertising by enabling “Limit Ad Tracking.” If you’re on iOS 7 or higher, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising, and switch on “Limit Ad Tracking.” For those using iO6, go to Settings > General > About > Advertising, and switch on “Limit Ad Tracking.”
    • Android Users: You can opt-out of most cross-app advertising with your Android device by going to Google Settings > Ads > Select opt-out of internet based ads.

Take note that the steps above are subject to possible changes made by the above platforms. If your device does not fall under the above categories, please check your device’s settings.

Opting-Out of Marketing Communications

If you would like to opt-out of receiving promotional messages from AlgoriX via direct email marketing, click the “Unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of the email. Otherwise, you may contact us here. If you are one of our Clients, however, you may still receive emails from us that are relevant to our business relationship.


This Policy is limited to AlgoriX Properties and Ad Services. It does not cover, unless otherwise stated in this Policy, the privacy and information-collection practices of other third-parties, including our Clients or partners that use or link to our Properties and Ad Services.

When using our website, apps, and other properties, you may be directed to other websites, apps, and properties. Moreover, this policy does not cover the collection, usage, and disclosure of information by other organizations, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, where AlgoriX may also have social media pages.

Their respective privacy policy is available here :

–       Facebook :

–       Twitter :

–       LinkedIn :


AlgoriX End-Users and Clients have the right to request access to, change, update, or delete personal information as required. According to applicable laws, a small fee to access and disclose this personal information may be charged, but End-Users will be informed beforehand should this be the case. EU End-Users requests will be dealt with free of charge, unless otherwise permitted by applicable regulation.

Moreover, End-Users can withdraw consent allowing us to collect and process personal information at any time. Doing so will not affect the lawfulness of any data processing we may have done before the consent is withdrawn or impact any processing done within the bounds of applicable laws that previously depended on that consent.

European Economic Area (EEA) residents also have the right to  (i) object to the processing, limit the processing or request portability of their personal information according to GDPR regulation and (ii) complain to a data protection authority about AlgoriX’s collection and use of personal information.

To exercise those rights, email us at

For more information about making a complaint, contact your local data protection authority via the information listed here.


We use reasonable organizational, technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect the personal information we collect and process. The measures we use are designed to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk of processing your personal information and to help ensure that your data is safe and secure. However, no electronic transmission over the Internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. If you have reason to believe that your data is at risk, please immediately notify us of the problem by contacting us here or emailing


AlgoriX is a global media and technology company, which headquarters are located in Singapore. AlgoriX servers are located in the US for the purpose of hosting and processing data collected in the US, in the EU (Frankfurt) for the purpose of hosting and processing EU End-Users data and in Singapore. When appropriate, this requires us to transfer your personal data outside the country where it was first provided, based on Standard Contractual Clauses provided by the EU Commission and the United Kingdom’s International Data Transfer Agreement, further to an assessment of Singapore regulatory framework regarding data access. Moreover, European End-Users data are only passed to European Demand Side Platforms (acting on behalf of Advertisers and Agencies) located in the EU and subject to GDPR.


If you are a California resident, state laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) allow you to make certain requests about your personal information. Specifically, you may request us to:

  • Inform you about the categories of personal information we collect or disclose about you; the categories of sources of such information; the business or commercial purpose for collecting your personal information; and the categories of third parties with whom we share/disclose personal information
  • Provide access to and/or a copy of certain personal information we hold about you
  • Delete or correct certain personal information we have about you
  • Provide you with information about the financial incentives that we offer to you, if any
  • Limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information collected.

The CCPA further provides you with the right not to be discriminated (as provided for in applicable law) for exercising your rights. Please note that certain information may be exempt from such requests under California law. For example, we need certain information in order to provide our services to you. We also will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to a request. In doing so, we may ask you for verification information so that we can match at least two verification points with information we maintain in our files about you. If we are unable to verify you through this method, we shall have the right, but not the obligation, to request additional information from you.

Please also note that if your personal information has been collected by us as a result of a your use of Client’s services, we collect and maintain your personal information under the directions of the relevant Client. If these circumstances apply to you and you wish to access or delete any personal information that we have collected about you, please direct your query to the relevant Client as this may expedite the completion of your request. We nevertheless provide reasonable assistance to our Clients to give effect to consumer choices as appropriate and required by applicable laws.

The CCPA provides certain rights if a company “sells” personal information, as such term is defined under the CCPA. We do not engage in activities that would be considered “sales” of personal information under the CCPA and you may “opt-out” of certain sharing your personal information as described in Section 5.4 above.

Shine the Light Disclosure: The California “Shine the Light” law gives residents of California the right under certain circumstances to request information from us regarding the manner in which we share certain categories of personal information (as defined in the Shine the Light law) with third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

If you would like further information regarding your legal rights under California law or would like to exercise any of them, or if you are an authorized agent making a request on a California consumer’s behalf, please contact us at

Browser “Do Not Track” Signals. As discussed above, AlgoriX is a member of the IAB Multi-State Privacy Agreement which has established technical signals to communicate your elections when you use Choice Mechanisms such as opting out of interest-based advertising and cross-device targeting using the methods described above. We do not recognize or respond to any other signals, such as browser “do not track” signals, because no industry standard developed for handling those signals.


We will review and update this Policy to reflect changes to our privacy practices and will note the date of its most recent revision at the top of this Policy. Please check our Policy regularly to ensure you have read the latest version and to stay informed of our privacy practices. We encourage you to review this Policy frequently to be informed of how AlgoriX is protecting your information.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding AlgoriX’s Privacy Policy, please contact us at, or mail us at the address provided below. For your protection, please do not include sensitive information.

You may also contact our DPO at:

You may also contact our representative in the European Union at:

EU End-Users may also contact the EU data protection authorities which list is available here :

You may also contact us in writing at:

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