Guide to IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA): What It Means for Publishers and Advertisers

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The current landscape of user privacy is rapidly evolving due to the increasing number of privacy regulations worldwide. Organizations are facing challenges in protecting personal data and meeting regulatory requirements. With more and more users demanding greater privacy and transparency, businesses must adapt and comply.The changing legal landscape of consumer data privacy laws like the […]

The Benefits of Using Offerwalls for Publishers in 2023

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In today’s increasingly crowded and competitive digital advertising space, publishers constantly seek new ways to engage with users and monetize their content. There are tons of ad formats in the market. Yet, one that’s often overlooked and underutilized is offerwalls. Before rewarded video ads, the pioneer of opt-in rewarded advertising in mobile games was offerwalls. […]

Why Contextual Targeting Matters This 2023

Why Contextual Targeting Matters this 2023

The world of digital advertising is changing fast. As a result, many marketers are seeking new ways to reach their audiences and attract more business. One such approach has been contextual targeting — the idea that users should be able to see ads that are relevant to their current experience on a website or app. […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About VAST Tags

Here's what you need to know about VAST Tags

Video advertising has been gaining popularity over the years. It’s understandable as many publishers and advertisers realize that it’s a potent revenue generator. And this is all thanks to the increasing adoption of VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), which allows video players to align with third-party ad servers and make their content more personalized. Over […]

Knowledge Hub: Ad Tech 101

What Is Ad Revenue? Ad revenue refers to the money generated through advertising. It is calculated by getting the ad impressions and multiplying it by the effective cost per mile (eCPM).Impressions x eCPM = ad revenue Developers would commonly use multiple app metrics, such as Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), Average Revenue Per […]