Here’s Why Now Is the Best Time to Seek for an Alternative User Identity Solution

here's why now is the best time to seek for an alternative user identity solution

With proliferating data regulations, there’s an urgent need for an alternative to user identification for advertising that relies on third-party cookies. This is part of a greater industry mandate that requires every ad tech player to uphold user privacy and comply with relevant regulations while collecting and managing user data. Therefore, everyone must handle personal […]

Why Contextual Targeting Matters This 2023

Why Contextual Targeting Matters this 2023

The world of digital advertising is changing fast. As a result, many marketers are seeking new ways to reach their audiences and attract more business. One such approach has been contextual targeting — the idea that users should be able to see ads that are relevant to their current experience on a website or app. […]

SKAdNetwork API (SKAN 4.0): Here’s Why It Matters to iOS Publishers

SKADNetwork (SKAN 4.0): Why it matters to publishers

In the latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple finally launched its SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4.0), which they earlier hinted at in June. This new rollout applies to iOS 16.1 and iPad OS 16.1, featuring tons of new features for app developers and ad networks. This may be an exciting update. However, like any new iteration, […]

CTV Monetization: Taking Notes from Linear TV Practice


The rise of connected TV (CTV) is evident. There’s no question about its ability to captivate a broader audience, specifically when people consume TV at an unprecedented rate. It’s understandable if publishers and advertisers use CTV monetization as part of their strategy. Its advantages are hard to ignore. CTV is far more addressable compared to […]

Advertising Video-on-Demand (AVOD): Why It’s the Future of TV

advertising video on demand: why it's the future of TV

In recent years, subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services have been the go-to model for most streaming platforms. TV consumption changed dramatically, with streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix becoming household names. According to Statista’s estimates, SVOD subscriptions can reach 1.7 billion by 2027. But this doesn’t mean new ad-supported platforms and services don’t have a place […]

3 Examples of Mobile Advertising That Work

3 examples of mobile advertising that work

The world of advertising is unpredictable. It’s fast-paced and ever-changing. It needs to be. To remain relevant, brands must make sure they know the latest mobile advertising trends to make necessary adjustments.  Unlike in other industries, the pandemic helped fuel mobile advertising’s expansion. In fact, the mobile industry was among the handful that had a “business as […]

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Removal: What Does It Mean For You

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Removal: What Does It Mean For You

Google delays, once again, its decision to remove third-party cookies for advertising. The anticipated replacement is planned for late 2023, but according to its latest update, the tech giant is holding it off until 2024. In a blog post, Google’s VP of Privacy Sandbox, Anthony Chavez, claims that the company has received feedback that the digital advertising industry […]

What Makes Hyper-Casual Game Mechanics Tick this 2022

What Makes Hyper-Casual Game Mechanics Tick this 2022

It’s a fact that most game developers are looking at investing in hyper-casual game mechanics to increase revenue. In the past years, hyper-casual game mechanics have been the go-to of many casual and passive gamers. Most hardcore gamers still dedicate their time to consoles and PCs. But mobile gaming is now getting a lot of […]

Why It’s the Right Time to Invest in CTV Advertising

why it's the right time to invest in ctv advertising

Let’s face it: CTV advertising is big and will only get bigger as more and more publishers and advertisers leverage its reach. The IAB’s outlook report shows that digital video advertising spend reached 49% in 2021 and will gain an additional 26% in 2022. The Connected TV (CTV) ad spend is found to have an increase of […]

In-App Monetization: 5 Best Strategies So Far in 2022

In-app monetization strategies remain one of the trickiest for both advertisers and publishers. While apps can help brands increase their reach and visibility and bring in more revenue, not everyone fully understands how it works. Think about it — gaming and news apps can both be used to achieve your sales and marketing goals. However, […]